Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rihanna ft. FlyKingi & Calvin Harris - We Found Love (NavyMix)

Here is FlyKingi's remix of Rihanna's latest 'Talk That Talk' track 'We Found Love'
Download/Listen : Rihanna ft FlyKingi & Calvin Harris - We Found Love (NavyMix)


  Band-Aids don't heel they just cover up the scars
We Found Love when we was dancing with the stars

you hear that dubb stap now you dancing with the stars
you rappers get beats just to cover up ya bars

But I don't want no involvement, problems lets solve it
more bars than M&M mars I spit huh? spit who? spit What-Cha-Ma-Call-It
You coming over im home alone Macaulay Culkin

  Was a blueprint, now the plastering the roof
we found the Flavor of Love now we ballin' like Hoops
7 + 6 now we matchin' our coupes
Rollin' J's in matchin' red 2's

1 + 1 theirs me & you
sippin' on something as I breeze through

120 in the Maserati
Cuz I gotta get the fuck out of Abu Dhabi

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