Friday, August 3, 2012

FlyKingi 'Candy Wrapper' [ Liquorice Remix ]

Check out this new freestyle over Azealia Banks' 'Liquorice'
by FlyKingi entitled 'Candy Wrapper' [ Liquorice Freestyle ]
Download / Listen to the track: HERE
The song is taken from the upcoming 'Ransom' Mixtape dropping soon!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FlyKingi & Vixen Ent Presents: I look good !

FlyKingi & Vixen Ent Presents:

FlyKingi & Vixen Nie Starr - I look good

Listen to the new club anthem taken from FlyKingi's upcoming 'Ransom' mixtape
coming this fall! Listen to the track via Sound Cloud here & download the track
August 7th 2012 via iTunes and all online retailers!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

In Loving Memory of Dennis Tillet

                                                    In Loving Memory of Dennis Tillet <3

Early Thursday morning I was at home helping my mother with a few errands around the house. While my mother was blabbing off ( as mothers do ) I was on my phone checking my email and browsing through facebook. As I scroll down various wall post I see a picture of Dennis. He was smiling, dancing and singing kind of a funny picture. I laughed cuz I know how much of a party animal he is and how much he loved to have a good time. I immediately screen shot the photo and send it to Dennis and one of my other good friends Aaron. We usually share funny photos, texts and emails between each other. As I continue to scroll down facebook I notice a pattern.... Tons and tons of pictures of Dennis down my timeline each one showcasing that signature smile of his with the text R.I.P. My immediate thoughts are '' lol this has gotta be a 4th of July joke ''. I say to myself let me get to the bottom of this crazy talk. I call Aaron and when he picks up the phone and projects a very somber 'Hello' my mother approaches me with more jibber jabber. As my mother completes her sentence I hear the sound of crying through the phone which confirmed my suspicions. Dennis was no longer with us. As I hear the horrific tale of how his life was taken away from him and how he spent his last hours gasping for air as the police department questioned everyone of the events, I broke down! No one deserves that fate and Dennis certainly didn't deserve that. We cry when something tragic occurs and there isn't anything you can do about it. We cry because we know death means the absolute end of a life journey that was filled with Beyonce 'uh-oh' dance's, endless joke's and laughs, plenty of happy hour nights, club nights, a true love and even Nicki Minaj 'Bottoms Up' video impersonations lol.

    I was blessed to share allot of memories with Dennis and I will leave you with one of my favorites! One night as I was walking up to attend a popular club in Hollywood. Dennis was there and so were several other friends. After I greet everyone Dennis pulls me to the side and says 'Hey bitch why you didn't call me and tell me you were wearing your Dr Martens tonight'. I replied and said 'Bitch cuz I didn't want to be Tia and Tamara tonight'. Everyone laughed and Dennis told me to make sure I call him next time I wear em. Who calls to report they outfits lol.

   I want to send out my deepest condolences to my great friend Britten and Dennis' family in this time of grievance of such a beautiful spirit. I pray that there is justice for my friend in regards to those responsible for this horrific murder of a beautiful life that was. Below is a picture of Dennis and I a few years back on the day I got to meet one of my favorite people in the world Lil Kim. I will always remember Dennis and never forget the smile that once walk this earth. I Love You Dennis until we meet again!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Candy Wrapper [ Official Behind the Scenes Video ]

T.G.I.F. I present to you the official behind the scenes exclusive to 'Candy Wrapper' the first single from 'The closet Chronicles, Vol.1' EP  ( out now ). Check out the footage and look out for the video debuting June 26 2012!

Download 'The Closet Chronicles, Vol.1'
Bandcamp / iTunes / Amazon

Saturday, June 9, 2012

* Saturday Cocktail* Two new FlyKing FREEstyles ;-)

Download two of Flykingi's latest FREEstyles '' Shimmery Sun Showers '' & '' FlyKing responds to the hataz '' for FREE !

Shimmery Sun Showers:


FlyKing responds to the hataz:

Look out for the 'Candy Wrapper' video coming June 26..... its the Fly King i BITCH!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Verdict is IN 'The Closet Chronicles' Album Review

@Jwalksonwater head of the has slammed down his gavel on FlyKingi's Latest EP 'The Closet Chronicles, Vol.1' find out the 'track by track' verdict bellow!

Track By Track review: The Closet Chronicles, Vol.1

Where the first album felt like a compilation of tracks to showcase

his versatility and what he's capable of.

This mixtape is more centered around a theme.. the theme being the

closet chronicles as the title reveals.

This Project has more collaborations than the first one had... because

it's not just telling his story.

it's telling the story of all OUT rappers.


starts with spoken word intro into a marching band sound and than

progresses into a thumping uptempo.

the production gives me Timbaland vibes, not what timbaland has

become, but from back in the day.

Featuring a new ATL rapper abutta who rides the beat to perfection.

very strong opening number

Candy Wrapper:

this is the single and a feel good song. Telling people to unwrap their

mask and feel confident enough to be themselves.

The song features transgender artist 'Hailie', a video for the song is

in the works.

It's a perfect song for the summer to blast while cruising and just

get into the groove.

Rude Skywalker:

this is the anti-bulling anthem, it has a strong international allure

due to the European sound.

it's a charity single and features the female R&B singer Tracii who

gives the better featured vocals on the album.

the only thing that could've elevated this even more is if the

flykingI added a little catchy bridge to it.

Big Ole Chain:

Here FlykingI features a sample from Roc Nations Best new artist

grammy nominee and breakthrough rap star of 2011 J. Cole.

The sample is from J cole's breakthrough hit Workout.. all though it here

sounds like a brand new song. FlykingI sings on the bridge here

and it sounds really good. would def want to hear more singing on

future projects.


Ironically this song couldn't have been made public at a better

time..over what feels like a spoken word intro.

the Flyking talks about the American justice system.. which is

currently a hot topic in America right now.

even tho the album is pact with social awareness messages, even through

the uplifting productions, here everything

is slowed down so people can fully focus on the message.

Social Stigma:

a clever use of the samples 'Ty Dolla $ign's 'All Star' create a a

catchy anthem (Like T.M.D. was the anthem on the last mixtape)

Featuring a strong verse by 'Out' rapper LastO.

Both of them showcasing that being out isn't keeping them from

delivering on the standout track on the album.

Future single? It has my vote.


Produced by popular ballroom scene producer 'JayR Neutron'

he uses elements of 'Jig Saw' from the blockbuster 'Saw' horror film.

Creating a hypnotic beat. The song is about going out dressed to kill

and I can see many getting dressed for a night out in the town

while this song is on repeat in the background.

My Brother in Christ:

even tho I get the importance of this track and why it was necessary to

touch on this religious subject.

Since the role of gay people in religion is heavily undermined. Using

the story of Galileo as a metaphor for how

people fear what they can't understand is clever..the production is

kept simple and clothes to the sounds one would

hear inside a catholic church, my critique is that it's out of place

right after a hype track like snapped.. it

should've been the album closer. a big conscious moment after all the

bopping and grooving... instead of interrupting the groove midway.

Duh Me:

a song about people who like to fake it till they make it, features

female rapper 'BFly' (sister of The Game)

It's an uptempo track ..surely to be played with the volume all the

way up..the homer Simpson sample standout on the hook.

the critique here is that the song could've used 1 more verse..

actually a verse of FlyKing & BFly exchanging words back

and forth would've been dope. that's 1 thing I miss a little on this

album interaction between FlyKingI and the featured rappers.

Internet Connection:

The teaser track that was released earlier this year, this song

featured Out music star Solomon.

this song is very throwback to the sound of the last mixtape and sound

a little out of place here.

but due to the good reception of the track it's been included here as

a bonus track.

As a cohesive piece of work this mixtape trumps the first 1. The

production work here is better, the build up of the songs is better.

and even tho it has 1 strong theme it still shows enough versatility.

On the next project I would like to see more interaction

with the featured rappers, instead of each doing a verse..some

exchanging of lines and also some add libs to add just a tad bit more

hype to the tracks.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Download: 'The Closet Chronicles, Vol.1' *OUT NOW*

Download FlyKingi's Latest EP featuring the smash single 'Candy Wrapper'

The Bandcamp version is the only version with *Bonus Track* 'Internet Connection feat. Solomon'.

          iTunes | Amazon | Rhapsody |

you may also listen to the FULL album over at Fly King's castle !

What are you waiting for ;-D ?

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Closet Chronicles Album Sample Special !

 Happy Good Friday :-D

I present to you The Closet Chronicles Album Sample Special!

a behind the scenes 'fly on the wall' look at the making of 'FlyKingi's
Latest EP and a preview of each track in chronological order. Its also tells the story of the 'chronicles' ( aka the chapter in the old testament ) & the albums coverart.

Enjoy & be sure to download 'The Closet Chronicles, Vol.1' this Sunday April. 8th, 2012 Resurrection Day !

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Coming this Good Friday.....

The Closet Chronicles album Sample Special is a behind the scenes 'fly on the wall' look at the making of FlyKingi's latest EP & a preview of each track in chronological order. It also tells the story of the Closet 'Chronicles' ( aka the chapter in the old testament ) & the albums cover art. Catch the special via YouTube this Good Friday April 6th & 'The Closet Chronicles, Vol.1' coming Easter Sunday April. 8th, 2012 !

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FlyKingi 'Toast's it UP' with the beautiful Mani Maserati !

Check out FlyKing's latest interview on popular radio personality host
Mani Maserati! He talks about his upcoming project 'The Closet Chronicles' &
pops a bottle! Look out for the 'Chronicles' album coming this Easter April 8th!
Check out the first single 'Candy Wrapper' bellow!

Candy Wrapper